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Sapp Admits Daughter is a Better Pass Rusher

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↵Newsflash: Warren Sapp's mouth, along with most other parts of his body, is huge. Many of us grew tired of Sapp's jabberjaws years ago, but his yapper just keeps on going and going and going and going.
↵Days after the dude actually made Keyshawn Johnson a sympathetic character, PFT has a vignette from Sapp's Friday radio show (via BallHype). ↵
↵⇥With the Raiders coming to Miami to play the Dolphins, Sapp was asked about the team with which he played through 2007.
↵⇥“If the Dolphins come out, get [Joey] Porter talking and going crazy; get on the quarterback because that left tackle [Kwame Harris] couldn’t block my little girl,” Sapp said. “I watched the tape. The guy couldn’t block Mercedes Sapp. I promise you he couldn’t. She takes him to the house.” ↵
↵In 2006, Sapp's Raiders faced Harris and the 49ers. Neither Sapp nor any Oakland defenders registered a sack. So if Mercedes Sapp can indeed beat Harris and get to the QB ... well, then Oakland circa 2006 needs to cut Papa Sapp and get the girl in a uniform.↵

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