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Navy Almost Does it Again

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↵Down 27-7 in the fourth quarter, Notre Dame seemed assured to avoid a second straight embarrassment at the hands of Navy. Last year, the Midshipmen beat the Irish for the first time in 44 years ... and it took three overtimes to vanquish the longtime masters of the rivalry.
↵But Navy made this edition interesting, by recovering two onside kicks in the final minutes. After a score with 1 minute 53 seconds, Navy recovered the kick and scored three plays later. The Midshipmen lined up for another onside try ... and three N.D. players watched it sail by and into the arms of a Navy man.
↵Unfortunately, Navy couldn't move the ball from there and turned it over on downs, sealing Notre Dame's 27-21 victory. It made for excellent viewing, though ... unless you're a Notre Dame fan. In that case, let's hope the antacids were closer to your grasp than the whiskey.↵

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