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UCLA's Step 2 for USC Usurpation: Blue Paint

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↵Rick Neuheisel's campaign to knock Southern Cal off the top ↵of L.A.'s college football power rankings is really coming ↵together now. It started in August with a finger -- ↵Neuheisel's finger, p ↵ointing surreptiously at some wire copy in the Los ↵Angeles Times, a finger that insisted USC's football ↵monopoly was "officially over." Neuheisel's Bruins made ↵good on Neuheisel's promise by ... losing to BYU 59-0 and racking up a 3-6 record ↵heading into tonight's MUST-SEE match with the former Rose ↵Bowl champion Washington Huskies.
↵The plan to dethrone USC (8-1, No. 6 in the nation) rolls ↵on, as Adam Rose of the Times reports (via Deadspin). Those silly Southern Cal undergrads ↵have fled Pasadena to invade Palo Alto for today's USC- ↵Stanford game. Some creative UCLA students took up the ↵opportuninty and masterfully ... poured some Bruin Blue paint on a ↵statue of Tommy Trojan. (That photo at right is from ↵the Times' blog All Things Trojan.)
↵It's a brilliant prank. USC students usually stand 24-hour ↵guard in the week leading up to Trojans-Bruins. But ↵Trojans-Bruins doesn't happen for two more weeks, on ↵December 6! UCLA, you have work to do if you ever want to ↵catch USC on the gridiron. But let no one question your ↵mastery of Microsoft Outlook's calendar feature. Huzzah!↵

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