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Brandon Jacobs Makes a Mockery of Baltimore D

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↵The impenetrable nature of the Baltimore defense received a good deal of attention this week, and rightly so. Advanced metrics rate the Ravens' rush defense as the best in the land; Baltimore had given up only one rushing TD through nine games.
↵Brandon Jacobs and the New York offensive line really don't care much for all that noise. Jacobs ran for two scores in the first quarter; the Giants went over 100 yards rushing in total just 20 minutes into the game. Eli Manning hasn't need to be great ... though he has been anyway. Manning has a touchdown toss and 82 yards, as the Giants lead 20-0.
↵New York's defense has done what Baltimore's cannot, holding Joe Flacco to short plays and erasing Willis McGahee (5 rushes, 15 yards).↵

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