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Daunte Culpepper Can't Deliver Salvation

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↵Detroit's bid for a win ended just as it began. Daunte Culpepper's first drive was a masterpiece, ending (as we noted) with a vintage scramblin' strike to Calvin Johnson. On the next drive, he tossed an awful interception. Late in the fourth, Culpepper capped a strong drive with a QB keeper for a score to pull within two.
↵The two-point conversion failed, but Carolina put the ball right back in Daunte's hands with a three-and-out. What did Culpepper do? He tossed another awful INT, of course! The Panthers sealed the win a moment later, and the Lions are six games away from perfection.
↵Speaking of failed comeback attempts: JaMarcus Russell. Down two with 35 seconds left and no timeouts, roughly 50 yards from field goal range, Russell took a sack. Instead of, you know, hurrying up, the Raiders took 20 seconds to get another play off. And what's the play? A 10-yard slant across the middle, of course! After the Raider receiver was tackled, Russell did manage to try to hurry himself to the line, all while staring at the clock. He did not get the snap off. Miami wins in embarrassing fashion.
↵Time for one last LAST-MINUTE FAIL? Good, because everyone who watched Sage Rosenfels' last gasp is still trying to figure out which Texan he was trying to throw the ball on his last play, a simply awful INT. Indianapolis held out 33-27.↵

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