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The Most Exciting Finish in Football: The Tie

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↵In a finish that few saw, Philadelphia and Cincinnati registered a tie as Bengals kicker Shayne Graham missed a 47-yard attempt with 10 seconds left in overtime. The kick was set up by an idiotic roughing the passer penalty by Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown. It's a mistake party!
↵Beginning with five minutes to go in the fourth, the teams combined to punt 11 straight times before Graham's miss. Philadelphia gained a whopping 37 yards in overtime. Cincinnati had a whole 68 (!), with 15 of those coming on the aforementioned, nearly game-killing penalty ... which might have been a bad call, for all I know. Neither FOX nor CBS carried or updated the status of the game during the overtime period.
↵The real result of the tie: even more weird postseason scenarios the last few weeks of the season. The Eagles are now 1-1/2 games out of the final wild card position. We haven't seen a tie since 2002, which ended with a nutty Tommy Maddox-to-Plaxico Burress play that came inches short.↵

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