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Richard Collier's Med Records Worth Your Job?

↵This year has been a bumper crop in the "hospital employees ↵getting fired for looking up the medical records of ↵celebrities" industry. The UCLA Medical Center had a major scandal last spring when an ↵administrative assistant was found to have rifled through ↵the records of 61 celebrities, including Britney Spears and ↵Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
↵But this Jacksonville case ↵takes the crown in terms of sheer reach: a local TV outfit ↵reports 20 hospital workers have been fired fo ↵r peering into the medical records of Jaguars tackle ↵Richard Collier, who took 14 bullets in early ↵September. ↵
↵⇥Channel 4 learned this week that 20 Shands ↵⇥employees accused of compromising Collier's medical records ↵⇥were recently fired for violating the Health Insurance ↵⇥Portability and Accountability Act, commonly called PIPAA. ↵⇥PIPAA's rules are designed to protect patients medical ↵⇥records.
↵⇥A union representative for the employees confirmed that the ↵⇥workers -- admissions personnel, nurses and patient ↵⇥relations staff -- were accused of looking at Collier's ↵⇥medical file in the computer system. ↵
↵While patient privacy is obviously of utmost import, ↵canning this many staffers for a spot of curiosity seems ↵rash. You think bank tellers don't search celebrity ↵accounts to see how loaded they are? Do you think before ↵medical records began leaving a digital trail employees ↵didn't peek through? I'm not sure what the employees would ↵be seeking to learn through Coller's file, but I'm also not ↵sure why we all look at car crashes or follow the Raiders.↵

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