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Zapruder DVD, Wife Come to Vince Wilfork's Aid

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↵For the second straight week, NFL wives stand by their men. This time, the wife of Patriot beast Vince Wilfork delivered a DVD to Roger Goodell showing Wilfork did not in fact go head-to-head on Jay Cutler two weeks ago.
↵ESPN's Bob Woodward Chris Mortensen reports Mrs. Wilfork's DVD showed an alternate angle which betrayed the league's first reaction, and it saved the tackle from missing this week's Colts game with a suspension. Wilfork still lost $35,000, but for the first time in his adult life Goodell showed compassion.
↵Mort reports the couple sent Dear Leader a thank-you note, which either sets terrible precedent or will make Goodell's mail carrier's job that much more difficult.↵

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