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Perfection Too Heavy a Crown for the Winless

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↵For all the jokes about the mythological 0-16 season as football's Holy Grail, I'm sure spirits are low in Cincinnati and Detroit. Awful is funny from afar, but going a full two months without success must be heavy on the soul. I mean, it's the equivalent of a 40-game NBA losing streak, or about 50 straight losses in MLB. In those cases, we'd be on locker room suicide watch. So yeah, 0-16 sounds like a riot, but that's epic, epic disaster, spirit-wise.
↵Good for Cincinnati, opening up a 14-3 first half lead on Jacksonville. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a miracle, spreading the ball efficiently (13-for-16, 86 yards) and doing it with his feet (52 yards on three running plays). And holy heck! Chad Ochocinco has two TDs.
↵And good for Detroit, too. Dan Orlovsky has turned the tables on Kyle Orton, whipping out two touchdowns in early play as the Lions lead Chicago 20-10. Devin Hester has a critical fumble in that one, gifting Orlovsky a short field which resulted in a strike to Calvin Johnson. Orton has a TD on a keeper, but the Bears offense hasn't been good overall.↵

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