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Titans, Lions Keep Dreams Alive

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↵We had quite a few brilliant barnburners in the early set. Kerry Collins! Jeff Garcia! Rex Grossman! Brady Quinn!
↵Wait, Brady Quinn? Well, not really. Down three with less than four minutes, Cleveland's Derek Anderson threw pretty much the worst interception ever (non-Jamarcus Russell division), right into Terrell Suggs' waiting arms. Suggs sprouted feet and turned into six points the other way. Anderson, meanwhile, was consoled by booming "We want Brady!" chants by the hometown fans. Baltimore wins 37-27.
↵Tennessee continues to leave the rest of the AFC in its dust, however. Green Bay knotted the game at 16 with less than six minutes left. The squads traded impotent drives before Kerry Collins eased the Titans in field goal range, but Rob Bironas clanked it from 47 yards. Tennessee won the coin toss, though, and Collins got Bironas a little closer. The 41-yard try went through, and the Titans are 8-0.
↵Detroit led by 10 midway through the third quarter and knocked Kyle Orton out of the game. But I guess Rex Grossman wasn't in Rod Marinelli's gameplan. The Cannon drove the Bears for two scoring drives, Dan Orlovsky looked in the mirror (NOOOO!) and Detroit slips to 0-8. The Lions are now the league's only winless team, and Cincinnati held off a furious push by Jacksonville to get a 21-19 victory.
↵Kansas City earns loss of the week (early edition): leading 24-3 in the second quarter, the Chiefs allowed Jeff Garcia to bring his team all the way back. Garcia hit Antonio Bryant on a 24-yard strike with 19 seconds left, hit Alex Smith for the requisite two-point conversion, and set up Matt Bryant for a 34-yard FG on overtime's first drive.↵

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