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Not Even Snoop Dogg Can Make 'Around the Horn' Anything But Totally Insufferable

Here’s Snoop Dogg on Around the Horn, the show of “competitive banter,” which assumes we’re all complete morons and must have really complicated stuff -- like sports -- explained to us via 30-second spurts of yelling. I thought maybe Snoop could create at least one segment’s worth of decent entertainment on an otherwise horrible program, but quickly realized it wasn’t to be when someone named Tony Reali muted him. Yes, a guy who goes by the moniker “stat boy” hit the mute button on Snoop Dogg. It only got worse when Woody Paige told Snoop to stick to his day job and leave the judging of athletes’ personal decisions to the pros: ↵
↵ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵ ↵
↵I also find it funny that Reali says, “alright, now you’re just embarrassing yourself.” I’m sorry ... now? As if to suggest these hacks don’t embarrass themselves on a daily basis.
↵(H/T: Real Clear Sports)↵

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