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The Morning Constitutional

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Gilbert and His Wax Self | D.C. Sports Bog
↵I bet you can't tell which one is doing nothing to help his team this season:
↵Wired Up: Fred Smoot | The Cooley Zone
↵Anytime Smoot speaks, you should be listening.
↵Rugby Fights Better Than Hockey Fights | With Leather
↵The last time I saw a knot that big, it was on Hasim Rahman's head.
↵Baseball Adds Postseason Weather Rule | Mouthpiece Sports
↵Bud Selig enacts new rule to save himself from looking stupid should another downpour occur in October.
↵Falling down, Crosby scores one for the highlight reel | Puck Daddy
↵We've now met our monthly quota of linking to something NHL related that doesn't involve a fight.↵

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