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Harrington-to-Knicks Is About to Happen; Deal Will Enhance D'Antoni's Team

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I'd actually forgotten that Al Harrington was still a Warrior, seeing as Corey Maggette is currently starting at power forward there. It's getting pretty Colonel Kurtz up in the Oracle, if you hadn't heard. But apparently he's just hurt, and is set -- maybe even before you finish this sentence -- to finally be headed to the Knicks. ↵
↵From the New York Post: ↵
↵⇥Donnie Walsh is set to pull the trigger on his first substantive move as Knicks New York Knicks president, The New York Post has learned. ↵⇥
↵⇥Knicks sources said a deal for Al Harrington was to go through late yesterday, but was delayed until today. A league conference call is scheduled for this morning that would bring the disgruntled Warriors forward to the Knicks, presumably for Malik Rose. ↵
↵Malik Rose doesn't really seem like a Don Nelson kind of guy, especially since they just signed Rony Turiaf and are into playing youngster Brandan Wright. So maybe he's just there to spread his excellent cheese steak franchise to the West Coast. I can only hope that Nellie hasn't suddenly been hit with a rare form of oxygen deprivation that makes a man's brain normal again, because I'm enjoying Golden State way too much. ↵
↵On the Knicks side of things, Harrington will be a nice addition (note the use of the most bland phrase possible). I remember back when him and Jonathan Bender were supposed to be the future of a young Pacers team that already seemed like the East's team of the future. Then both of them were felled repeatedly by injuries. I think Harrington's come back from two torn ACLs or something. Now, he would be called "soft" if he didn't always have such a sneer on his face, since his size is an afterthought at this point. ↵
↵So he can launch threes and occasionally get a rebound. Harrington was key to the 2006-07 Warriors run, even though he and Nelson didn't like each other. So for D'Antoni, that's getting something for nothing, especially if Daniel Gallinari stays out indefinitely. Not such an exciting part, but he shall enhance the whole, at least given the direction the Knicks are going.↵

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