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Kevin Durant's Career Begins Anew

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Before last season, P.J. Carlesimo's bad reputation among NBA fans might have been undeserved. Carlesimo's involvement in the Sprewell choking incident was unfortunate, and his eternal insufferability as Gregg Popovich's assistant chief screamer in San Antonio won no fans. But there was no real reason to despise Peej's very existence -- until he prematurely destroyed Kevin Durant's career by forcing him to stay away from the basket as the world's tallest two-guard.
↵Durant's life begins today, as the Thunder ended Carlesimo's reign in Oklahoma City. Scott Brooks, who happens to be a great coaching prospect, takes over. The Thunder began the season 1-12, getting there with a brutal home loss to New Orleans Friday night. In Sacramento last night, the out-of-town scores were shown on the Jumbotron. When the OKC-N.O. 60-39 halftime score, there was an audible groan. Nowhere on Earth is the Thunder's plight funny (except, of course, Seattle).
↵The best move Brooks can make is to insert Durant at the three and bump Jeff Green up to the power forward spot. Johan Petro, an ineffectual Frenchman, has been starting at center with Nick Collison at the power forward. Either start Chris Wilcox or Collison up front and let Durant be himself. They have already turned the reins over to KD. Why not turn him loose?↵

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