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Ohio State-Michigan Introduces the Most Insufferable Tradition in College Football

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↵Well, this seals it. Following last year's midfield staredown, the players from Ohio State and Michigan got together to exchange mean looks and perhaps a good joke or two a half-hour before kickoff. Brad Nessler and Paul Maguire thought it was absolutely crazy! And hey, those fellows are in Columbus. Maybe it was more intense than it looked on TV.
↵I hope so. On TV, this looks more like a formality than sincere mob war. Honestly, the fight in the video for Michael Jackson's "Beat It" seemed more vicious than this. You can't blame the Buckeyes for being bored, given Michigan's fall from grace decency. And the Wolverines just want the season to end, I'm sure. But if this does become an annual tradition, and it has lost its visceral intensity in the second year? Well, I just can't wait until 2030 when the teams get together to ask each other why they even bother any more.
↵Luckily for us, the game has offered a touch of intensity when angry Buckeye backer James Laurinaitis leveled Michigan QB Nick Sheridan on a third-and-long. If we can't have competitiveness, we'll take conflict. Like the Wolverines screaming at their coaches.↵

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