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Michigan Bad Enough For Boeckman Treatment

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↵All told, the Maize 'n Blue played well enough to keep a kernel of intrigue alive at the Horseshoe through the first half of action. Ohio State scored its two early TDs on big plays -- a 59-yard run from Beanie Wells and a lovely 53-yard strike from Terrelle Pryor to Brian Hartline. Otherwise, Michigan's defense held up. (I know, this is like saying, "The Democrats took the White House and took big majorities in the House and Senate, but otherwise the Republicans did fine." Small victories for the Wolverines, my friends.)
↵Of course, Ohio State brought out the whooping stick in the third quarter. Daniel Herron subbed in for Beanie and went 49 yards for a quick six. A few drives later, tOSU's Ray Small returned a punt to the 8-yard line; Pryor dropped a TD pass the next play. Another UM three-and-out led to another swift Buckeye touchdown for Herron.
↵Then Michigan, down 35-7, got the Todd Boeckman treatment. Boeckman came in for Pryor after Michigan fumbled on a kickoff return; on the third play of the drive, Boeckman hit Brian Hartline for a score. To be sure, Boeckman has been a great soldier since losing his job to the young Pryor midway through tOSU's awful loss to USC. His big arm plays in the fourth against UM showed he'll be ready if Jim Tressel needs him during bowl season.
↵Meanwhile on the Michigan side we have seen players scream at coaches, kick returners fight over the ball and Rich Rodriguez look completely bored. Fun end to the season.↵

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