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N.D. Fans Register Dissatisfaction Via Snowball

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↵The fans in South Bend can only take so much embarrassment, I suppose. No good Notre Dame is hosting awful Syracuse today. A storm dumped almost a foot of snow on northern Indiana Friday. Did I say snow? I meant ammunition: ↵
↵⇥Notre Dame football players were pelted by snowballs from fans sitting in the student section during their game against Syracuse on Saturday. ... ↵⇥At first people started by throwing the snow in the air, but then began quickly tossing snowballs toward the Notre Dame sideline. Defensive lineman Ian Williams got hit in the helmet, defensive end Ethan Johnson was struck on the left cheek and a St. Joseph County police officer on the sideline looking into the crowd got hit in the chest. ↵
↵First of all: Associated Press, never let it be said that you skim over the details. Ethan Johnson's mum will know exactly which cheek needs a kiss and a Spongebob Band-Aid. Well done.
↵While throwing things at athletes -- beer, snowballs, batteries, battery acid -- is obviously stupid and mean, it's hard to blame the Notre Dame faithful. I mean, the Irish almost lost to Navy for the second straight season and is currently in a tight battle with Syracuse, which is on its way to another 10-loss season. Really, the fans are just making sure Charlie Weis and friends know that bowl-eligible isn't good enough. And also, that throwing snowballs is pretty fun.↵

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