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Free Kitten Night in Denver Goes as Planned

↵Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky is still embarrassed by the last time his team's promotions staff made news. Last winter, the team invited the Colorado Buffaloes mascot to a Nugs game to entertain the fans. The buffalo, however, was outfitted in a white T-shirt and baggy pants, a do-rag and fake gold teeth, and sported a teardrop tattoo below his eye. Like thousands of fans and Linas Kleiza, Rocky was upset at the poor decision-making.
↵So you'll understand that he's trying to rebuild Denver's image. "We don't promote gang culture! We have not actually earned our teardrop tats! We love ... kittens!" Rocky loves kittens so much he decided to share his world with Nuggets fans by ... handing out live kittens to any fan who wanted one at a recent game.
↵We don't need PETA to tell us that this is Grade A, 100% stupid. I mean, what are the fans supposed to do with the kittens during the second half? And they'll just pop the thundersticks. (Wait, on second thought ...) But really, who thinks up this stuff? The chasm between "hand out t-shirts and free Chalupas" and "give away pets to drunk folks in a very loud place" seems wide enough to prevent easy leaps. I would think you could poll Denver's roster and the players would unanimously agree this is not a good idea.↵

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