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Olympics Get Less Sexy for Old People

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Via FanHouse, the New York Times reports that the squares at the World Anti-Doping Agency might get Viagra banned for international athletes by the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Apparently, along with providing a boost to virility the drug opens up blood vessels at altitude, which allows for increased exercise capacity. The Times says studies haven't proved an impact at sea level. In an unrelated matter, Lance Armstrong immediately withdrew his plans to compete in the next Tour de France.*
↵Viagra is still legal, and the anti-doping folks believe it was used heavily in Beijing. To be honest, it would have been popular if it wasn't believed to be a help on the field of play. Olympic Villages are known as cesspools of promiscuous activity, with host countries passing out thousands of condoms and whatnot. Not every Olympian is a young buck. Ergo, Viagra! Also, the drug has a reputation among the crazy set as a boost for potent as well, with Red Bull-vodka-Viagra concoctions being a popular mix at some parties. Or so I've heard.
↵Backlash against the anti-doping agency is already fevered and hardly needs more ammunition. But this seems like a ploy that will create some serious anger from certain sectors of the Olympian class -- not just because of the ban, but because of the embarrassment that could result from a failed test. No one wants to be the macho swimmer or skier who tests positive for penile dysfunction pills.
↵* Not true. Yet.↵

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