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Kerry Collins, Titans Reminded of Reality

The best shot to end Tennessee's undefeated start comes against the Jets, due to either N.Y.'s ability to stop the run or because of Brett Favre. Who knew the fact that Kerry Collins has been playing over his head would be the reason? Collins is 6-for-16 for 37 yards in the early going, and the Jets lead 10-0.
↵Favre has been good, but I honestly have had trouble looking at him since a disturbing feature furing ESPN's NFL Countdown, in which a littany of Jets players and coaches discussed The Gunslinger's propensity to slap rumps after good plays. The story showed no fewer than 256 butt slaps from Favre, delivered to linemen, receivers and even head coach Eric Mangini. One lineman admitted he's afraid to bend over into three-point position when Favre is around. This is a bit troubling, as Favre is likely to always be around when linemen get into their stance.
↵Tennessee hasn't really been in a position to run too often, with lots of third-and-longs. Chris Johnson broke off one good run early, but otherwise the N.Y. front seven has been stout. If Vince Young had been wowing everyone during the streak with his spirit and support from the sideline, you'd think he'd get a shot in the second half. But no one's even sure V.Y. is in the stadium. He hasn't exactly embraced his second-string status.↵

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