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Most Uninspiring Undefeated Start Ever Ends With Titans Loss

↵We have good news, and we have bad news.
↵Good news: The 2007 Patriots can pop the champagne, as Tennessee will not join them in the 16-0 club thanks to a defeat at the hands of Brett Favre and the Jets. I know Tom Brady was on the edge of his seat here, hoping to keep his place in history as the only QB in NFL history to lead his team to a perfect regular season record only to crap the bed in the Super Bowl. Kerry Collins, you are no Dreamboat.
↵Bad news: The Favre Super Bowl Express has left the station, and Peter King cut the brakes. The Jets beat the best team in the AFC ... on the road ... with an awesome offensive performance. N.Y. racked up 400 yards on offense, with Favre hitting 224 yards and two scores and the rushing attack of Thomas Jones and Leon Washington getting almost 200 of their own. Let us neutral parties pray for an Arizona win over the Giants this afternoon lest we be treated to a week of All-NYC Super Bowl talk. Blech.
↵Elsewhere in the AFC, Buffalo hung 54 points on Kansas City and Matt Cassel threw for 415 yards and three TDs (all to Randy Moss) in a Pats win over Miami. Baltimore won and Jacksonville lost, so all eyes will be on Indianapolis-San Diego tonight as we sift through the playoff hunt.↵

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