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Pacman's Magic Number: 1

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↵One is the loneliest number for Adam "Pacman" Jones. ESPN's Chris "Scoop" Mortensen has mystical sources who claim NFL commissar Roger Goodell has dropped an edict on the d-back: one more incident of any sort, and you are banned from the NFL for life. This could be anything from a fistfight in a club (like that would ever happen!) to (reportedly) a missed counseling session, of which Jones is mandated to attend regularly as a condition of his league reinstatement.
↵One also happens to be the number of games Pacman will watch from exile before being allowed back on the field of play. Goodell is expected to allow Jones to play on December 7 against Pittsburgh, which deprives a wanting nation of Pacman on Thanksgiving as the Seahawks visit Dallas. C'mon, Goodell! You don't want the FOX announcers discussing one of least savory characters in your league's recent history during the feel-good Thanksgiving Day broadcast? Pfftt.
↵The odd thing is that Dallas really needs Pacman right now. The defense has been porous all season, but S.F. QB Shaun Hill exposed more cracks in tossing for 300 yards and two scores against the Cowboys today. Jones isn't All-Pro at this point, but another pulse in the defensive backfield can't hurt.↵

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