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Michael Phelps Makes His 'Entourage' Cameo

I have not seen one minute of Entourage this season, mostly because after suffering through last season, I’m wholly convinced it’s the worst show on television. For some reason, however, our friend Chris Littmann over at FirstCuts tortures himself by tuning in every Sunday. Last night, he caught this incredible six-second cameo: ↵ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵ ↵
↵In case you couldn’t tell, that tough guy (“Hey, watch it man. What’s up?!”) was Michael Phelps, who you may remember was famous for a few weeks back during the Summer. Littmann has more on the cameo, including something about Phelps possibly becoming a main character. And why not ... the amazing acting chops he showed off in that clip are about on par with the rest of the cast.↵

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