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'You Got Spanked and We Got the Axe'

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Cal's Memorial Stadium is a fine venue for college football if you don't mind having zero privacy thanks to the ancient design of the stadium and the pesky fact it sits on a fault line. Besides that, it's great, and they even removed the hippies living in the trees outside the stadium earlier this year for your convenience. ↵
↵The superb "access" provided means fans with just a bit of gumption may offer commentary to coaches during press conferences. After the Stanford-Cal game on Saturday where Cal took back the rivalry in a 37-16 win and reclaimed its accompanying trophy, the Stanford Axe, one fan decided to hold his own one-man Interactive Tuesday with Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. (Around 40 seconds in. Well, well worth it.) ↵
↵ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵ ↵
↵"YOU GOT SPANKED AND WE GOT THE AXE!!!" Factual, if a bit rude. We give the fan a solid eight, with a 10 being the "Go RAAAAAIDERS" guy, who incidentally is not as ebullient this morning after this weekend's slaughter in Norman. ↵

↵(HT: Doc Saturday.) ↵


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