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Obama Supports Real Change: NCAA Playoff

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Back off, troglodytes: We come not to discuss politics, but sports, so check the pitchforks and torches at the door. It just so happens that the men and women who run for political office in this country also happen to be sports fans, and in many cases very knowledgeable ones. For example, Richard Nixon called Redskins head coach George Allen frequently during his Presidency, even legendarily suggesting the 'Skins run a reverse to catch the opposition off guard. The play failed, proving that Nixon's trick plays never, ever turned out well. (Note "legendarily"; George Allen's son, Senator George Allen, denies it happened.)


Our current pair of aspiring government servants, Senators McCain and Obama, both have their pet projects. We're guessing a McCain presidency would see the Navy football team adopted as the unofficial national college football squad since McCain, an Annapolis grad, has addressed the team prior to the Army-Navy game.

Obama, too, is a rabid sports fan, and has definite opinions ... like how to solve college football's postseason foibles once and for all.

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He's a playoff guy. Chris Berman says, "You could probably make that happen," further proving Chris Berman has no idea what he's talking about at any point. The President is nothing compared to the Big Ten commissioner and the men in the Rose Bowl jackets, who don't answer to God, logic, or some guy with a measly Presidential Seal and a Secret Service detail.


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