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LeBron Opens Up, Discusses Obama's Win

LeBron interviewed on the subject of Obama's win. I wouldn't post this, though, if it didn't also seem like some genuinely revealing and emotional Bron-tent. He even gets into the question of athlete involvement in politics, sort of. ↵
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↵At the risk of hyperbole, there was definitely something special, or at least out of the ordinary, about this conversation between the NBA's great untouchable monolith and those reporters who seek to convey his aura to us mortals. This is a man as caught up in the moment as we are (well, the majority of us), who is looking at things slightly differently after Tuesday. Carmelo Anthony vowed to drop 44 in honor of Obama last night; that didn't work out. But you've got to figure that LeBron's 41 against the Bulls, in 35 minutes and under a nagging cloud of injury, as well as Amare's 49 on Indiana, might've been a result of a little wind beneath their wings. I have no idea what to make of Tony Parker's 55. Does he even know it's Christmas? ↵
↵Also check out Chris Bosh's more immediate reaction he submitted to FanHouse. Though I'd suggest avoiding the comments section there, unless you want to convince yourself that you're not so bad, after all.↵

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