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Les Miles Reads Film-Books, Not Books

Les Miles is busy. He has a football team to run, a family to provide for, and shiny white hats to wear. (Only the sparkliest: most of Miles' hats are used as landing beacons by approaching pilots at Baton Rouge's airport.) ↵

↵He also doesn't read, but if he did, he's pretty sure game film would be just like a book. ↵

↵⇥Q: With all the potential distraction, will you pretty much be happy when this week is over with? ↵⇥
↵⇥A: “I have to be real honest with you. I enjoy game week. I enjoy practice. I enjoy preparing. I want you to know something. When I wake up in the morning and I turn that film on, it’s like reading a book, and it’s exciting ... I don’t read books, but if I read books, it would be like reading a book. ↵
↵Les Miles also doesn't watch DVDs, but it's kind of like watching a movie on videotape, which is like watching a movie in the theatre, which is like watching a play, which is kind of like a puppet show, but with people and not puppets. ↵

↵In other news, LSU's Jarrett Lee continues to make reading film/watching books painful for Miles. It's not just that Lee's thrown 10 interceptions thus far as a freshman, but that he has a knack for throwing them the other way for points. Of the 10 picks he has thrown this year, five of them have been returned for points. ↵


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