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Love Bites at the Florida-Georgia Game

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If you want to know what real love is, I can tell you. Love is making the coffee before your spouse gets up. Love is calling when you're going to be home late. Love is patient, love is kind, and love is most definitely not pressing charges, meaning that if you think Veronica Hairston is attractive, you may have a legitimate shot at securing her affections. Her husband pressed charges when she bit and beat him following the Florida-Georgia game last weekend. ↵
↵⇥According to police, on Saturday Hairston began taunting her husband at the Days Inn in Neptune Beach once she realized the Gators were beating the Bulldogs. They said when her husband grabbed his bags and tried to leave the room, Hairston bit the man on his thigh. A police report states that Hairston then punched her husband in the face several times with her fists before fleeing the area on foot. ↵
↵If you're interested in Mrs. Hairston, please look for the Craigslist personals ad reading "SWF, 28, blonde. Looking for good times, companionship, and a football-loving man who doesn't bruise easily. Must be patient." Then, go get 'er, tiger. But a warning: Gators have been known to bite.↵

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