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Super Bowl Ads Get Sexy, Immoral

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Prepare to be outraged, my holier-than-thou friends:, a site which helps people in committed relationships find each other so they can cheat on their significant others, is placing a full-page ad in the official Super Bowl XLIII game program: ↵
↵⇥They've unsuccessfully tried to hook up Katie Holmes and had their billboard taken down in NYC, but now the lovely folks at everyone's favorite extra-marital dating website,, are getting in on some Super Bowl action. ↵⇥

↵⇥The controversial online site for married peeps is advertising in the official 2009 Super Bowl program and submitting this subtle ad -- featuring an oiled up, busty chick straddling the pigskin -- to the NFL for approval. ↵⇥

↵The “subtle art” referred to is seen in the upper right corner. Big football nut, that chick is. Even less subtle: The photo used on the company’s homepage. ↵

↵Really though, I am outraged by this. Who the hell does this Ashley Madison think she is? The site is totally taking all of the fun out of cheating on your spouse. I mean, what ever happened to telling your wife you’re working late, meeting someone in a smoky dive bar and renting out a hotel room for an hour? No self-respecting cheater would need a website to assist them. Besides, it seems far too dangerous. What if your wife checks your browser history? It’s much easier to explain away why you have lipstick on your collar, smell like Jasmine Vanilla Body Splash and just walked in the door drunk at 2AM. ↵


↵(Via TMZ) ↵


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