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Looming Trade of Bobcats' Gerald Wallace Is Potentially Perfect for Golden State

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I caught a Bobcats game last week, and I can safely say that Gerald Wallace is back -- unfiltered, unfettered, and ready to provide kinetic force at both ends of the court. Healthy and wealthy in basketball wonder. So what's a talent-strapped team to do? Trade him, of course. From Pro Basketball News: ↵
↵⇥Multiple NBA sources have confirmed that Charlotte moving Gerald Wallace is imminent, but Pro Basketball News has yet to learn of a definitive destination at this time. ↵⇥
↵⇥The Bobcats have apparently talked about Wallace's long-term value to the franchise (he signed a six-year, $57 million extension in July of 2007) and decided that they would be better suited allocating such a significant salary to somebody else. ↵
↵As you may recall, Jordan was already once talked out of trading his best player. But now, with Golden State blatantly looking to make an Al Harrington-related move, and the Knicks needing to do something with Eddy Curry, the itch in Charlotte just might prove too strong. I guess Jason Richardson is a more traditional lead scorer, and Emeka Okafor gets the biggest contract. And the Bobcats do need interior help. So sure, off with his head! ↵
↵Plus, Golden State's a natural destiny for Wallace, like metal to magnet. Our own Chris Littmann crunched some numbers and came up with this: ↵
↵⇥Charlotte gets: Eddy Curry, David Lee; Golden State gets: Gerald Wallace; New York gets: Al Harrington. Salary-wise, it works. I have no idea if it makes sense, and Lee wouldn't even have to go to Charlotte to make it work, I was just thinking from a personnel standpoint, it would make it at least sort of make sense for Charlotte. ↵
↵Curry and Brown didn't hate each other, and LB certainly didn't see fit to let Lee loose, but Curry alone doesn't seem like enough. That's not really the definition of frontcourt depth, which is what they need to "take pressure off of Okafor" (thanks, Chris). Wallace would thrive in Oakland and give me a national holiday, while opening up PT for Brandan Wright. Al Harrington is kind of a bum, but he's also a 6'9" jump-shooter, which means on some basic level he'd fit with D'Antoni. And that buzz has been there for a minute. ↵
↵So for now, stay tuned, and fans of Gerald Wallace, find something to catch all the falling drool. Monta/Maggette/Jackson/Wallace/someone tall would be positively electric, if not particularly good.↵

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