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Terrelle Pryor Has Booth Speaking in Tongues

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↵Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor is having an inspiring afternoon against ↵Northwestern. The Wildcats have found him to be much ↵like a ninja, dodging tackles and avoiding disaster while ↵striking defiantly down the field. Pryor certainly gives ↵Columbus hope for next year and beyond. He's ↵tremendous.
↵But Dave Pasch and Andre Ware are getting a little ↵too excited. Pasch compared Pryor to LeBron James, ↵the greatest basketball player in the world. Ware heartily ↵agreed. Pryor isn't the best college QB in the country. He ↵might not rank among the top three. As great as Pryor has ↵been, is he even a future can't-miss NFL superstar? LeBron ↵had been plotted as MJ's successor ... as a high school ↵sophomore. (Also, Pryor doesn't play basketball. That ↵matters a little, right? There's almost no such thing as a ↵sure thing in football.)
↵Hyperbole like this wouldn't be so embarrassing if not for, ↵say, Troy Smith, who just a few seasons ago was Ohio ↵State's flavor of the millenium. Smith, of course, ↵eventually slipped to the fifth round and is behind the ↵immortal Joe Flacco on Baltimore's depth chart. This isn't ↵the prematurely dismiss Pryor's NFL chances. But please, ↵some perspective?↵

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