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Let the Raiders Slip Into the Black Hole

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↵Adam Schefter of the NFL Network offers up a report equal parts obvious and shocking: many Raiders have considered quitting completely in the face of the most dysfunctional season ever. The situation is obviously dark, worse than in winless Detroit. I mean, at least the Lions have Daunte Culpepper, right? (Actually ...)
↵Schefter writes that Nnamdi Asomugha (the most talented Raider of the past three or four years, save for Randy Moss) won't sign a long-term deal not because Oakland won't pony up top dollar (they will), but because he doesn't exactly want to play for this disastrous franchise. Can you blame him? He's stuck with a franchise tag on his tail regardless.
↵I wouldn't blame Asomugha for giving up at this point. (Heck, I've given up as a fan. I sighed in relief when I heard the game would be blacked out locally. Thank goodness, I have an excuse to avoid them.) But in a talk with the Oakland Tribune's Monte Poole, Asomugha continues to be gracious despite no reason to play nice. ↵
↵⇥"I don't agree with what happened," Asomugha says. "I don't agree with what's going on. But I'm just a player. So I can't speak on it. I don't make the decisions. All I can do is play. But I don't agree with what happened at all." ↵
↵Conduct like this merits Nobel consideration, really.↵

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