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Ah, the Rams We Know and ... Love?

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↵St. Louis followed the exile of coach Scott Linehan by refusing reality to knock off the Redskins and Cowboys in consecutive weeks. Losses to New England and Arizona followed, indicating interim coach Jim Haslett isn't full of magical jelly beans and can't save the hopeless from their fate. But wow ... is Linehan back on the sidelines this week?
↵The Rams have fallen behind the Jets 40-0 at the half in Jersey. St. Louis has four turnovers (two from Marc Bulger) early, and Thomas Jones has already scampered for 107 yards and two scores. Brutal, brutal effort for the Rams.
↵Elsewhere ...
↵* Tennessee fullback Ahmad Hall dropped the ball on 4th and goal at the one. Jeff Fisher, we call that LenDale White Fantasy Karma. Jerk. 7-7 at the half. Situation: Cannon hasn't been awful; the inexplicable result has been Chicago's smothering of the vaunted Tennessee run game.
↵* Detroit's down 24-7 at the half to Jacksonville. Maurice Jones-Drew has three touchdowns. Daunte Culpepper has none. (Detroit's TD pass came from backup Drew Stanton, who came in for extra one play when Culpepper got creamed on a failed keeper.)↵

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