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Rex Grossman's Cannon Needs Calibration

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↵WANTED: Civil War re-enactment enthusiasts in the greater Chicago metropolitan region. Do you know how to calibrate a cannon? Then your services are needed desperately at Soldier Field, where Rex Grossman is overthrowing his wide open receivers by miles.
↵Chicago's defense has held remarkably well, forcing Tennessee to play to the passing game as the Bears have repeatedly stymied the rushing attack from Chris Johnson and LenDale White. Kerry Collins has been OK, doing the whole "efficient passing" thing with a series of short to medium attacks to fellows like Justin Gage and Bo Scaife.
↵But every time Chicago gets the ball and gets into a passing down, it ends with a Bears wideout (Devin Hester, Rashied Davis) shaking his head. I mean, Hester is an absolute dart, the fastest cat on the field. And on a 2nd and 10 here in the third, Grossman overthrew him on a post pattern by 12 feet. How do you overthrow a speeding bullet? On the next drive on a 3rd and 16, Rex delivered the ball two seconds late ... and hung Davis out like a scarecrow over the middle. FDR with a Tommy gun would be improvement in accuracy for the Bears.
↵At this point, it's worth wondering if Grossman really does just want to show off his arm at all times. I don't mean to jump on the bandwagon eternally booing Chicago fans have built, but on no pass of considerable depth has Grossman delivered anything within two phylums of accurate.↵

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