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Someone Forgot to Tell Willie Parker's Labrum It's Torn

↵As the Steelers remain locked into rather vicious battle with Indianapolis this evening (17-17 in the fourth), questions surround the labrum of Pittsburgh back Willie Parker.
↵Fast Willie played last Monday at Washington, and looked fine until a hard hit on his shoulder. Parker missed practice all week, and the big story this weekend had Parker potentially missing the rest of the season with a torn labrum.
↵But now Parker is telling ESPN he hasn't been told his labrum is torn, and he expects to be back in uniform next week. The Steelers could definitely use him; Mewelde Moore has fit in alright as the impromptu replacement, but you'd imagine Parker would be able to get more than 35 yards in 13 attempts against a challenged Indy defense.
↵In total, the line of scrimmage has been a complete stalemate in Pittsburgh. Joseph Addai will be seeing black jerseys in his nightmares. Ben Roethlisberger has avoided nap time in the grass, but he hasn't exactly had all day to survey the field either. Peyton Manning's gone down twice, and he owes one of his two TDs to a flukey ricochet catch by Reggie Wayne.↵

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