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Have To Put It On Pause Tonight ... But here aresome quick observations

I've got so much on my plate this week at work I'm having a hard time getting to bed let alone writing anything here. But quickly here a few quick observations:


1) NASCAR bumped in the East for America's Funniest Home Videos by ABC? For sure. At least TSN in Canada stayed with the race until the end.


2) Speaking of the end did you see what Matt Kenseth did as he crossed the finish line? I understand his anger towards the 'Dinger, but if I were the rest of the teams that caught up in that mess that Kenseth created I'd be sending him the bill for the repairs to my race car for that childish outburst.


3) Edwards had a great run going, too bad Jimmie had a better one. Stick a fork in him, I think he's done. He may still stand a mathematical chance of winning, but all Jimmie has to do is finish 36th or better.


4) Good runs by Jr, McMurray, and Kurt Busch too.


5) The Truck Series and Nationwide are shaping up to be real interesting finishes at Homestead next weekend.


Ok, I've gotta go, be back tomorrow with kind words about Kyle Busch. I know, I know .... settle down ... me and kind words about Kyle Busch go together about as good as oil and water, but I must give credit where credit is due and I'll do that tomorrow.


Take Care.