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Ron Fellows and The Ontario Lung Association Join Forces

Champion race car driver and father of three, Ron Fellows teams with Ontario Lung Association for the Campaign for a Smoke-Free Ride - a program dedicated to protecting children by providing parents with tips and support on how to have a smoke-free ride. Ron is shown with kids at 401 Mini-Indy in Toronto, Thursday, November 20, 2008.

I got invited to this press conference last week in Toronto regarding the new association between the Ontario Lung Association and Canadian racer Ron Fellows. Unfortunately for me I was unable to attend, but here are Ron's comments from that media event.

"I’m very proud to be here today, to support the Ontario Lung Association’s Campaign for a Smoke-free Ride.

I’m a father with three wonderful kids, Lindsay, Sam and Patrick, and I am here because I want to help other parents understand how important this issue is.

As George and Dr. Dell have said, exposing children to second-hand smoke is very dangerous to kids’ health.

I’m someone who takes risks almost every day in my professional life, however one area where I never take risks is with my kids.

Keeping children safe and ensuring that they have a healthy future is something that every parent wants.

One critical way to protect your kids is by not smoking in your car when your kids are with you. Even rolling down the car windows when you smoke will not eliminate the risks.

I’ve spent a lot of time in a car and I can tell you a vehicle’s interior is a small space.

When parents smoke in the car, that small space fills up quickly with second-hand smoke, and that smoke is full of chemicals that cause all sorts of illnesses.

Through the OLA, I’ve learned that there are more than 4,000 dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke, and that these get into the fibres of car seats and into the lungs of passengers, of all ages.

We need to get the facts out to parents that smoke, so they understand how their habit can affect the health of their kids.

We’re urging them not to smoke in their car when their children are passengers. Their kids will thank them for it.

When I quit smoking years ago, I did so for my health and for the health of my first born child.

And every time I take a look at them, I know that decision was the right one."