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Texas Round-Up

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The race at Texas was interesting to say the least. Here is my Monday evening quarterbacking of the race that was;

1) Carl Edwards' crew chief Bob Osborne rolls the dice with the fuel mileage and comes up 7's and 11's - wow! I've got to give them credit, 103 miles on a tank of gas - whew. I wonder if Ford can market this somehow, you know "Best fuel mileage on Sunday and sell on Monday"!


2) Hey, if anyone noticed Jeff Gordon did the same gas mileage thing as Edwards, although Jeffy had a few less laps under his belt than Carl did, and finished second.


2b) Hey, if anyone noticed Dale Jr tried the gas thing too, and came up snake-eyes. It worked at MIS in June but not here.


3) Did you know that if Jeff Gordon would have won then a lucky fan would have won a cool million? Too bad for him that Gordon finished second.


What is unfair about this is that Carl was asked in a post race interview if he felt bad for the guy that he won and Gordo didn't, thus causing the guy his chance for the money. What a crappy question! No he doesn't feel bad, he is trying to win a Championship you moron - what is Carl supposed to do, pull over and let Jeff win so that some fan can get the money? Get real.


I suppose some people think Carl should give the guy some of his own money to make up for it. Uh no, I should say not! Bleeding hearts unite! Give me a break!


That question should not have been asked - how about some real journalism instead?


A more appropriate question would have been, "What colour underwear are you wearing today?" or "Do you name each muscle in your six-pack?" or how about "Can I date your Mom?"


Give me a break!


4) If David Gilliland thinks that anyone believes that he just tried to get behind Montoya to nudge his back-end a little bit then he has some serious reality issues. Look at the tape. He turned left like he was going into a corner at Martinsville or something. Here is what he had to say:


"I meant to get him loose, I didn't mean to wreck him and ruin both of our days," Gilliland said. "It was just one of those racing deals, you know. I wanted to come down behind him and I just misjudged and clipped him there."


NASCAR was right to park him, but what they need to do is park him and the car (no substitute driver and thus no Owner Points) for another race to make a point that what he did was wrong. I'm all for retaliation, but that was just plain wrong, Montoya could have been seriously hurt - there were not soft-walls where he hit at about 190 mph.


What he should have done was get under Montoya in the next corner and 'drift' up a little bit and leave some donuts on the side of his car.


5) Speaking of Montoya, I think he handled the whole thing pretty darn good considering. If it were me I would have been the first person waiting for Gilliland once he got out of the car and then I would have had a little 'conversation' with him.


I've got to settle down, take a breather and catch my breath. I'll be back tomorrow with more rants and maybe I'll even get to the NASCAR snow-tire news that I told you about last week (heh).