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I was just thinking about the way NASCAR does its practices.


I understand that due to time commitments at certain races, especially when other supporting races are scheduled, that practice times must be set in stone, but for those races where there is some flexibility I think NASCAR needs to get these drivers the practice time they need - or are ripped off of - to get their cars set up properly.


Yesterday's first practice was an accident filled one, and it cost teams their practice time while the track was cleaned up repeatedly. This hurts those teams that are lower in the points because, correct me if I'm wrong here, it is those teams that are higher up in the standings that get to go out on the track first while the others must wait because NASCAR only lets a certain amount of cars on the track at any given time.


If the practice time is wasted cleaning up someone else's mess then these guys who are waiting on pit road to get on the track are ripped off of their time.


Two weeks ago David Ragan had a significant wreck and blown motor while practicing, and instead of leaving the car where it finally came to rest he drove nearly a full 1/2 lap then down pit road, and into the garage area to his garage stall all the while leaving a mess of oil and other fluids in his wake. Practice was held up for almost as long as it took his team to get their back-up car out and prepped.


Was this a deliberate attempt by the 6 team to hold up practice so no one else could get their car better set up than theirs? I don't know for sure, but if I knew my car was wrecked bad enough to get the back-up out and that I could hold up practice long enough to get my other car ready or hold it up long enough for it to end so that my competition couldn't get more of an advantage over me I would have done the exact same thing Ragan did.


With the economy the way it is, and sponsors being picky about their advertising dollars then I think NASCAR needs to look at their race practice methods so that all teams have an equal amount of time, or at least an opportunity for an equal amount of time, on the track before the race so that no one has an unfair advantage over someone else.