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Central Florida Fans Violate a Small Rule of Etiquette, Threaten to Kill QB's Father

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↵The War for I-4 isn't one of college football's marquee matchups, consisting of a recently invented rivalry between USF and UCF, two commuter schools with burgeoning football programs just learning the ins and outs of proper rivalry behavior. Cut them some slack for their lack of understanding in the matter; they're new at this thing. ↵

↵They don't know that if you get the opposing QB's number, you do what LSU fans did to Tim Tebow last year before the game: you threaten him first for weeks leading up to the game, and leave it at that. UCF fans who acquired USF qb Matt Grothe's number before this weekend's USF/UCF game committed a gross violation of fan ethics by threatening Grothe's father, since it's clearly part of the fan charter (section 3, subclauses 15-18) that family members are explicitly off-limits. ↵


↵We do not kid about the death threats: Grothe's family was under precautionary police protection prior to the game Saturday after a UCF fan threatened to kill Matt Grothe, Sr. ↵

↵⇥UCF fans got hold of Matt Grothe’s cell phone number and bombarded him with hundreds of calls and text messages. ↵⇥

↵⇥Matt Grothe’s father, Matt Sr., even received a death threat from a UCF fan on Saturday. Grothe’s family was protected by state troopers during the contest and there were no incidents. ↵⇥

↵To review: leave the family out of it, keep your mad, 3 a.m. bomb threats to the quarterback and the quarterback alone, and be sure to floss every single day. This has been a joint production of The Sporting Blog and The American Council For Weeping Openly Over the Doomed Fate of Our Ignorant Species.↵

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