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Economy Cripples New 49er Stadium, May Lead to Unholy Alliance

↵Mike Swift of the San Jose Mercury News reports that the planned groundbreaking for the new 49ers stadium may not happen as planned next year. The problems (or minor annoyances, really): the 49ers don't own the land, local government financing might disappear, corporate investors are drying up, the bond market's a disaster, California has strict environmental review rules, and a general pessimism exists, which (as Alex Smith can attest) hurts as much as anything.
↵But there's a savior in San Francisco's sight: Al Davis. ↵
↵⇥Combining resources with the Oakland Raiders — as the New York Jets and Giants have done on a new $1.6 billion stadium — may be the only way for the 49ers to overcome frozen financial markets to fund a new stadium, NFL insiders and sports economists say. While there are no immediate plans to join forces with the Raiders, the 49ers would be willing to discuss sharing a stadium "if a workable option emerges." [...]
↵⇥"Economically it makes sense, but you've got to get people to agree to live together and live harmoniously," [rich guy who knows stuff Robert] Tillis said. "It's complicated. The Jets and Giants have been living together for awhile, so they know what they are dealing with, but with Al Davis in the mix, I think it's challenging." ↵
↵Challenging? I think you mean inconceivable or preposterous or beyond the bounds of possibility. (Thanks, Roget!) It's debatable whether Davis would put down his apple juice long enough to pass JaMarcus Russell a fire extinguisher if the QB burst into flame. And we're supposed to believe there's a shot he'll help out the 49ers?
↵I can only imagine how much fun those negotiations would be. "York, what do you mean you're not paying half on the Kenny Stabler bronze statue? That's it! I'm suing you."↵

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