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Player to Watch: Rodrigue Beaubois

I don’t have much hard evidence to support this claim, but Rodrigue Beaubois is going to be a very good player. Granted, he’s only played three preseason games, but I saw one of them in person (a Mavs-Wizards thriller) and came away very impressed.

His jumper needs work, but at the very least, we’re talking about a guy who will provide an other-worldly jolt of speed off the bench for Dallas. Even if it’s just for ten minutes-a-game, I can’t overstate how fast this guy looked in person. Like, we’re talking Barbosa-levels of quick. And kind of like Dejuan Blair’s rebounding, that’s not a skill that’s easy to keep off the court.

Again, he’s a work in progress, but he’s already got one of the more fun names in the NBA, and with his speed and craftiness with the ball, he’ll get more and more looks as the season progresses, if only for his boundless energy. Think of him as a Jose Juan Barea that is French, 6’2 (1.88 m, as the French would say), and not a liability in every phase of the game.