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Surgery On Pujols' Elbow Was A 'Success'

Albert Pujols underwent his elbow surgery earlier today, and everything was just fine, according to the Cardinals, who in a statement said the operation was "a success" (though, have you ever heard a doctor exit the surgery room and declare it a complete failure?).

Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery in Birmingham, Ala., with Cardinals head team physician Dr. George Paletta present. According to the statement, Pujols underwent both debridment -- or cleanup -- of bone spurs on his elbow and removal of bone chips from the joint.

It was determined during the operation that Pujols does not currently require "Tommy John" reconstructive surgery in his elbow. He has a significant injury to the ulnar collateral ligament in the joint, but has dealt with it since 2003 without undergoing the much more extensive procedure.

Pujols will begin rehab next week, but no timetable has been set for a return to "baseball action."