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Marty Schottenheimer, Not A Big LJ Fan

While we await the findings of the Chiefs internal investigation into what Larry Johnson did, or didn’t say, and how long he’ll be suspended, we can sit back and enjoy the outburts of former KC coach Marty Schottenheimer. Here’s a taste of what he had to say on his SIRIUS NFL radio show today:

“Maybe he thinks that he can force his way out (of Kansas City). Let me ask you this, of the other 31 teams in the National Football League, who in the world is going to bring him into their locker room?

“Whether they’re losing or, certainly they won’t if they’re winning. But, to me, the guy doesn’t have the skill level to warrant the kind of b.s. that they’re putting up with out there and I would not be surprised to see them run him right out of town.”

Just a sec, Mr. Schottenheimer: you mean to tell me there wouldn’t be 31 teams lining up to sign a 30-year-old, 2.7 YPC running back? You jest.