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Throwback Uniforms: Atlanta Falcons (1966)


In Week 2, the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Carolina Panthers, 28-20, to move to 2-0 on the young season. Not only did they win in the scoreboard department, the Falcons managed to look pretty sweet in the process, as they donned uniforms from their inaugural season in 1966. Of all the throwback NFL uniforms worn in 2009 -- and there were a lot thanks to the AFL's 50th anniversary -- this beauty was one of the best.


The Falcons don't exactly have a rich history. In fact, they had never even posted back-to-back winning seasons until they did it this year. The birds' history can be chocked up to three things: the '98 team that went to the Super Bowl, Michael Vick, and Matt Ryan.


The red helmets featured several things the current ones don't: a different-looking logo, a black stripe, and white and gold outer stripes. The uniform also featured striped tube socks, though you can't exactly see them from this photo.


The Falcons have made at least a dozen changes to their primary uniform over the years, although the main colors remain the same: black, red, and white. The Carolina Panthers, since joining the league in 1995, have not changed their jersey design at all (unless you count wearing black shoes instead of white as a change).


Tony Gonzalez, playing in just his second game with his new team, caught seven passes for 71 yards and a touchdown. Gonzalez had spent the previous 12 years in Kansas City and is considered one of the greatest tight ends of all time, if not the greatest. He was one of several Falcons who said he digged the '66 uniform: "Yeah, I'm liking them," he said prior to the game. "You like anything different sometimes just to break the monotony. They look cool to me."


I only give A-ratings to great-looking uniforms that could be worn now, on a daily basis, without anyone complaining that they're outdated. This Falcons jersey certainly applies. At first glance, you wouldn't even now that it was worn in 1966. You'd think it was just a regular alternate. So thumbs up Atlanta Falcons! You may have been horrible in 1966, but at least you looked good while you stunk up the joint.

Final Grades:

Classic Falcons home uniform: A

Photos taken by Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images