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Never Fight a Land War In Asia With Les Miles

It is a rule of this universe: do not let Les Miles lead you into a 4th quarter one point game. Never. It may look like there’s a pile of gold and women at the end of that tunnel, but just as you reach for it, the LSU coach will sap you with a blackjack, giggle, and sell you for spare parts.


As powerful as the Mad Hatter’s mojo in tight games is, It is impossible to underestimate the role poor tackling had in dooming UGA late in the game. After a long Trindon Holliday return, LSU was clearly playing for a field goal when Charles Scott enjoyed the supple, permissive and fleeting embrace of at least two Bulldog tacklers on the way to the endzone. After an epic collapse like that, the 2 point conversion was a fait accompli.


Whether LSU is any good is still certainly a fair question: they struggled on offense, and received no significant challenge from a UGA team presenting exactly the same attack as this team has all year long: AJ Green, and then no one else. What is no longer in doubt is Georgia’s mediocrity, solidified with their first complete team performance of the year. For the first time in 2009, the Bulldogs were thoroughly mediocre in every phase of the game.