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Arrowhead Pride: Larry Johnson Having Worst Season In NFL History For Running Back

Forget the coach-bashing, the gay slurs and the suspenion…I bet you didn’t even notice that Larry Johnson was in the middle of the worst RB season in the history of the NFL:

LJ is averaging 2.7 yards/average. That’s not pedestrian. That’s not even bad. That’s historically bad. In this year alone, it’s so far below the next worst (Steve Slaton at 3.13) starting back that it’s laughable. But it’s when you zoom the lens back where things get really… well, you decide.

…here’s the historical perspective… if you project out LJ’s stats to an entire NFL season, it would be the single worst season by a running back in NFL history. Johnson already has 132 carries and was on track for 302. With the suspension, that obviously won’t happen and he might not run any more this year. But consider this, no running back has ever, EVER averaged 2.7 yards per carry as a starting running back in the NFL.

With that knowledge, maybe LJ caused all this controversy on purpose to deflect attention from his stats. Yeah…probably not.