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Larry Johnson Officially Files Grievance Against Chiefs

Another step to nowhere has been taken in the Chiefs' dispute with Larry Johnson.  Johnson has now officially filed a grievance against the team.

Chiefs RB Larry Johnson has filed a non-injury grievance against the Chiefs, who suspended him for two weeks on Wednesday for comments on the social networking site Twitter and in the locker room.[...]

Johnson also filed for an expedited hearing through the players union, in which an independent arbitrator could rule on the team’s punishment at some point next week. The Chiefs and Johnson’s agent, Peter Schaffer, have engaged in settlement talks, according to The Kansas City Star, as a means to reach an accord before a hearing takes place.

Johnson, according to a source, doesn’t want to miss the nearly $600,000 in game checks he would lose during his suspension. He also wants to play, according to the source. Should a settlement be reached, the grievance hearing would be voided.

LJ's dilemma has taken so many turns to nowhere that this is just another bullet point in a list of problems.