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The Big Sleep Lives! McGrady Reportedly Set To Return November 18th

According to reports, Tracy McGrady will be back in action for the Houston Rockets in little more than a week. November 18th, vs. the Timberwolves, to be exact. He shared his thoughts in an e-mail to Yahoo! Sports:

"Excited to get back and compete at a high level again. For a full year I had to play on one leg against the best and I couldn’t compete with anybody the way I was feeling."

"It’s gonna be a relief to get out there and play knowing what I went [through] last season and this summer."

And indeed, if we're getting a McGrady with two healthy legs, than this is some pretty awesome news. He's been snake bitten with misfortune for a good bit of his career, so it'd be nice to see him go out with a happy ending and a few more great seasons. If not, at least we can enjoy more jokes about those sleepy eyes: