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James: I Will Change My Jersey Number Next Year

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Michael Jordan was in the crowd tonight to watch LeBron battle Dwayne Wade. Afterwards, LeBron talked about how “humbling” it was for MJ to be there. He then added that, in tribute to His Airness, James, who wears No. 23, will change his number next year out of respect:

I’ve been thinking about it lately and what I’ma do…I think I’m gonna change my number next year. I think no guy in the NBA should ever wear 23…[Jordan] can’t get the NBA logo, much respect to Jerry West, so I think his number shouldn’t be worn by any player in the NBA so I’m thinking about just changing my number next year just to show the tribute of what he did for the game…he laid down the stepping stones for everybody to come up through the ranks."

Every notable NBA player who played before 1985 just went “WTF?!?!”

When asked what number he would wear next year, LeBron said “Probably 6, my Olympic number.” And when asked what jersey he’ll be wearing, LeBron just smiled and said, “We’ll see.”